The Annual
CRIPTORED Cybersecurity

Spring 2023, Madrid, Spain

About The Event

Criptored brings together the most relevant national and international experts in cybersecurity, privacy, cryptography and civil liberties. Together with the RootedCon organization and a jury of experts, the best technical presentations, tools and courses with an applied approach will be selected to reach a wider audience.


Kinépolis City, Madrid


March 9th
Madrid, 2023

Event Schedule


Registration will take place at the RootedCon conference registration desks.

Keynote RootedCon

Keynote [Vídeo]Dr. Alfonso Muñoz (Founder Criptored)

Track Criptored Conference - Sala 18


Estado del arte en Seguridad Blockchain y Smartcontracts [Vídeo] -

Dr. Raúl Riesco


Never negotiate with criminals! Insights about ransomware tactics used with victims in the negotiations [Vídeo]

Marc Rivero

You Probably Think There is no Need to Worry about Quantum Computers Yet: An Overview of the state-of-the-art of Post-Quantum Cryptography [Vídeo]

Dr. Sandra Guasch & Dr. Marc Manzano (SandboxAQ)

Hacking your jeta! Burlando sistemas de Vídeoidentificación [Vídeo]

Javier Tallón(Applus)


Purple Team: ¿Y tú como defiendes tu empresa? [Vídeo]

Lucas Nahuel Ferrero y Yeray Fernández (Inetum)

TripleCross: A Linux eBPF Rootkit [Vídeo]

Marcos S. Bajo y Dr. Juan Tapiador

Las llaves de AWS: Criptografía ubicua y computación segura en la nube [Vídeo]

Tomás Clemente Sánchez (AWS)



Stego-retweet: El espía que me retuiteo [Vídeo]

Javier Dominguez

Criptografía práctica en AWS, Azure y GCP [Vídeo]

Toni de la Fuente


Tales of software protection: cryptography and obfuscation, better together [Vídeo]

Arnau Gàmez i Montolio


Al-Kindi convirtió tu dataset en mi keylogger. Atacando Android mediante criptoanálisis y permisos de accesibilidad [Vídeo]

Dr. Javier Junquera

Premios, sorteo y cierre

Dr. Alfonso Muñoz (Founder Criptored)






Event Venue

Criptored joins forces with RootedCon Conference

The first edition of the Cryptored conference is logistically supported by the RootedCon conference. The purchase of tickets, cfp and access to the conference will use the RootedCon platform and logistics (link). Any doubts: