The Annual
CRIPTORED Cybersecurity

Spring 2024, Madrid, Spain

About The Event

Criptored brings together the most relevant national and international experts in cybersecurity, privacy, cryptography and civil liberties. Together with the RootedCon organization and a jury of experts, the best technical presentations, tools and courses with an applied approach will be selected to reach a wider audience.


Kinépolis City, Madrid


March 7th
Madrid, 2024

Event Schedule


Registration will take place at the RootedCon conference registration desks.

Keynote RootedCon

Keynote y entrega de premios Dr. Alfonso Muñoz (Founder Criptored)

Track Criptored Conference - Sala 18


Robando 54 millones de dólares. El caso Kyberswap -

Dr. Raúl Riesco


Applying Fault Injection to the Firmware Update Process of a DJI Drone

Gabriel González García

Your Code is 0000: An Analysis of the Disposable Phone Numbers Ecosystem

Dr. Juan Tapiador

The Lord of the Keys: The Return of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Dr. Sandra Guasch & Dr. Marc Manzano (SandboxAQ)

Measuring the Logging of Sensitive Information in the Android Ecosystem

Dr. Narseo Vallina-Rodríguez


The SOC's Journey: From Basic Automation to AI in Cybersecurity - Understanding the Realities

Lucas Ferrero y Craig Simonson (Inetum)

Cryptofails: auditando y explotando errores de implementación

Juan Martínez Romero (jtsec Beyond IT Security, an Applus+ company)

Aumenta tus capacidades de ciberseguridad con servicios de IA

Tomás Clemente Sánchez y Jose Luis Prieto (AWS)


Unmasking the Shadows: Linux in the crosshairs of targeted campaigns.

Marc Rivero

Prevención de trolleos para LLM

Jordi Murgó (GFT)

Caos y orden: descubriendo fuentes de entropía

Agustin Sánchez Bosque (DEKRA)

Guía definitiva para vencer a Batman: Atacamos la red eléctrica de Gotham

Miguel Ángel y Sergio Valle

Despedida y Cierre

Dr. Alfonso Muñoz (Founder Criptored)







Event Venue

Criptored joins forces with RootedCon Conference

The first edition of the Cryptored conference is logistically supported by the RootedCon conference. The purchase of tickets, cfp and access to the conference will use the RootedCon platform and logistics (link). Any doubts: